What can I do on VenueDog?

VenueDog makes it easy to find out what’s going on in your town. Browse events by date or category, or find events happening at your favorite venue. Share events via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail, and get directions from Google maps. You can even save events to your VenueDog calendar and sign up for e-mail reminders.


Where did you get the information on this site?

Our event listings and venue profiles come from a combination of information publicly available online or in print -- such as local government, college and organization websites -- and submissions from VenueDog users.


How can I report incorrect information?

We try to make sure all the information we publish is correct, but sometimes details change after we add them or not all the information is available. Email us at info@venuedog.com if you see something incorrect. Please include the event name and date as well as contact information to verify the correction.


You added my event!  How can I manage it from here?

Great! We’d love for you to take advantage of our event management tools.  Register as a user and then email us (info@venuedog.com) with your user name and let us know why you are the person to manage this event.  We’ll transfer the event to you to edit and manage from your user dashboard.


Can I add an event for free?

Absolutely! We want to let the community know about everything happening in town -- including your event! Just fill out the new event form (you’ll need to create a free account first) and it will be added to our site.


What kind of events can I add?

You can add just about any event happening locally. Concerts, exhibits, games, yard sales, church revivals, band performances, fundraisers, car shows -- anything you want to invite the community attend. However, we do reserve the right to edit or remove events that we feel are inappropriate.


I manage a venue that’s already listed on VenueDog. Can I edit its information?

To “claim” a venue, please email us at info@venuedog.com. After we verify your authority to represent the venue, you will be able to update its description, hours, social media profiles and photos.


How can I add my venue to VenueDog?

Please use our new venue form (make sure you are signed in). Fill out the information as completely as you can, and submit it for review. After we approve the venue, it will appear on the site.


What do you do with my personal information?

To learn about how we use information provided to us by our users, please read our privacy policy.


When are you coming to my town?

If you want VenueDog in your town, email us (info@venuedog.com) and let us know!  We are always on the trail of happy users and on the hunt for what-to-do.